Athens plus

Greece is a destination known across the world for its vivacious and diverse nightlife; it’s the perfect choice for those who want to have great fun, leaving their cares and problems behind. Athens nightlife is just overflowing with modern, bohemian, ethnic, latin, dance, rock, fashion and mainstream bars, lounges and clubs. Interestingly, both tony’s and the cider house occupy sites that for many years held famous (sometimes infamous) townie bars under different owners. Bars usually close around three or four in the morning, while nightclubs tend to close around six or seven in the morning.

In the hora of cosmopolitan mykonos, you’ll stroll along the whitewashed cobblestones and come across countless famous bars and clubs frequented by well-heeled athenians, stylish europeans and celebrities. A couple of athens bars where this type of extortion has been known to happen include reina bar and hollywood pub. Also recommended are the hotel hera and the hotel herodion which are both by the acropolis museum, and the recently re-opened (after 100 years) emporikon athens hote l, in agia irini square, is a 19th century neo-classical building in one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city.

Quintessentially greek and deeply embedded to modern greek culture, greek pop music is something people either love or you hate, with even local greeks being divided on the matter. Today it is full of cafes, live music and culture. Rockwood which is right next to the national archaeological museum has live music on wednesdays and some weekends, american food and lots of different beers.

Athens’ nightlife is filled with cool rooftop bars, wine bars, hipster pubs and vibrant clubs. That’s why they’re known as afteradika, a greek idiom for late βοτανικος live stage that derives from after, as in ‘after hours.’ follow us down the stairs to some of athens’ most happening underground clubs. National museum of contemporary art : greece’s new home for contemporary art is located in a former brewery from the 1960s and connects internationally renowned artists like bill viola and shirin neshat with their local counterparts.

The athens of history, culture, festivals, fun and a vibrant nightlife. Cubanita is a place with authentic cuban atmosphere and live cuban music and dance, the club is located in psyrri square at 28 karaiskaki street. For some time now, cycling tours have become increasingly popular in athens. Gazi district: in close proximity to the acropolis sits the latest hub of arts and entertainment in athens — the gazi district.

Go out and have fun, athens nightlife is waiting for you. Folk music and dancing in greek restaurants as well as tavernas and cozy cafes are the best choice here. The development of the area started with the opening of a number of nightclubs (the so called bouzoukia”) on iera odos avenue. Located in the votanikos area, near the gazi district, big bar, though intended for bears, is welcoming to all with its cheap mixed drinks and laid-back environment.

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