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Zeise construction takes a highly personal approach when working with our clients in churches and religious organizations. Derek s. Jeffreys is a professor of humanistic studies and religion at the university of wisconsin at green bay. Last friday, a wisconsin judge ruled that a city non-discrimination ordinance must provide exemptions for churches and other faith-based groups to protect their religious freedom. A christian radio station and five churches have sued to block a de pere ordinance banning discrimination against transgender people.

The city of depere refused to modify its position despite clear wisconsin law to the contrary. But irs attorney alan j.J. Swirski countered that the tax agency is currently investigating 12 churches for possible violations of the no-politicking rule. The churches also emphasized that if it had been allowed to stand, the ordinance would be the first in america to deem churches as places of so-called public accommodation.” the Acts 1:8 Ministry  might be enormous.

In late 2017 the depere city council debated an ordinance that would identify churches and non-profit religious organizations as places of public accommodation”, mandating them to hire, provide facilities usage and services to all citizens even if it violated the organization’s historic, deeply held religious convictions and beliefs. Three historically black churches burned in louisiana, christian churches bombed in sri lanka, shootings at two new zealand mosques left 50 dead and a synagogue shooting in pittsburg in october and another in san diego less than a week ago took a total of 12 lives.

The diocese of green bay is committed to creating, providing and maintaining safe environments in all its parishes, schools, and other institutions so that all persons, especially children, youth and individuals at risk, will be protected as far as possible from all harm including physical and sexual abuse. Because of confidentiality rules, americans united can’t be certain whether any of these cases involve churches or non-profit groups reported under project fair play, but, says au, the investigations should be taken as strong evidence that the irs is serious about enforcing the law in this area.

Outlawing unjust discrimination is a noble goal, but there is no evidence that lgbt people are unable to obtain goods and services. According to pji, the city’s attorney’s tried to claim in court that actions, like serving as a polling place or handing out water to marathon runners, could make churches places of public accommodation.

On thursday the president issued an executive order directing the treasury department not to take adverse action” against churches or religious organizations for political speech. As a catholic christian church, striving to share jesus with the world, we serve a diverse population and a wide geographical area that reaches from lambeau field to austin straubel airport and includes bay park square mall and most of ashwaubenon.

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