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Metered taxi counters are located outside of both domestic and international terminals at phuket airport. You can choose to rent a car from many different thai and international car rental companies in thailand. When renting a car in thailand, the procedure is usually the same with every company. You shouldn’t run into any problems while driving in thailand if you stay aware at all times. From what we can see from our own research, so long as your license is in english, you don’t need an international drivers license under thai law.

In phuket city, cars are most frequently rented at europcar car rental area, arrival hall (int) (16.92 miles from city center). Before you rent a car in thailand you should know about a few things, like if you’re eligible, what you need, and what you’re up against. I have just come back from phuket last month (april) and making good use of car hire.

Hiring a car in thailand is pretty straightforward and a great way of seeing the country. In addition, if you are planning to buy tickets for a ferry, notify the car rental company about it in advance, then they can tell you the number of the car you will rent. On the other hand, when renting a car from an international company you get international standards and service. Braun รถเช่าภูเก็ต are fully and comprehensively insured with the safety insurance company of thailand for our vehicle and any vehicle or property you may be in collision with.

In thailand almost always big (franchise) companies rent out passenger cars with an automatic gearbox. These are usually small companies aiming at longterm rentals. After selecting the type of car you want to rent, you need to leave your credit card details with the rental company and pay a deposit. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of renting a car, continue reading.

Cars are a much safer option for driving around the island, however they are also more expensive to rent. This guide shows you how to find and rent a car of your liking, the cost of renting car, and important things to consider. Phuket is the capital of the thai island with the same name. The average price of renting a car from this airport next month is 1,933 inr.

Avoid to rent cars without comparison where demand is high: in airports or hotels, for example. Some companies set the minimum age at 21, while other car rental companies ask the driver to be at least 23. Hiring a car for 5 days to see many places in north east thailand was cheaper than 4 return bus tickets to chiang rai.

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