Seven steps to surviving your office renovation

The physical appearance of your office has a strong impact on the overall ambiance in the workplace. Tim spends his time assisting teams and organizations with the things they need to create innovative workplaces where people thrive. The people who need to be involved include the design team, general contractor, landlord, stakeholders, and office staff. Perhaps the most important factor of whether or not your office renovation is a success is if your employees are happy and comfortable operating in their new digs.

One of the key reasons behind office renovation is the growth of company over time. This can be achieved in a number of ways, including introducing more collaborative space and transitioning employees out of traditional offices and high-walled cubicle farm environments. More design considerations are required for a usually bare office space with no clearly defined functional space, unlike a typical residential apartment which comes with defined bedroom, living room and kitchen.

During that time, employees and staff may suffer while necessary improvements get put on hold. This process is so meticulous and time-bearing that it can make or break your new office space. Vibrant and functional, the new office atmosphere inspires employees to live out their passion for serving the people of minnesota. Don’t forget to communicate plans with employees so they know what to expect and what’s expected of them throughout the Office Refurbishment project.

With a detailed renovation office plan in place, the most competitive firms minimize costs and ensure high-quality results. Get weekly (at least) progress update from designer, making sure all required decisions from you are made timely and work is done according to the planned schedule. Be sure to collect and analyze workplace occupancy data so your project can include renovations that minimize energy consumption, enhance company brand, and positively impact sustainability and wellness goals.

The bones of the existing building are loft-like and urban with exposed brick and heavy timber construction, elements that needed to be respected in the new design. Renovations can sometimes be delayed during the lengthy capital expense approval process. Millennials favor offices with open floor plans, they care about office locations being walkable and close to shops and restaurants, want natural light and collaborative working spaces.

If your business is leasing bare space for typical 3 years or longer and you like to reap long term benefits from good office design, you should consider hiring commercial qualified designers. Coordinating an office renovation project of a working office is a huge undertaking. In addition to deep experience with legal clients, erik also brings to bear his expertise working with major companies in technology, investment, banking and other industries to give a broader perspective of office planning and design standards in today’s rapidly-evolving business world.

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